Professional Real Estate Services

Why Mikeli?

Because in Mikeli we are committed to the needs of our customers. The sale never ends for us. We look for the best professionals and negotiate the “best price”. We coordinate services saving you the time it takes to carry out several transactions simultaneously.

Count on us

We always choose the most outstanding companies from the most expedient sectors. Hence you save time and need not perform all the steps required in soliciting various services.

Because we are different, we seek excellence


We assure a comprehensive service adapted to every need

We offer two types of arrangements concerning the valuation of your property:

Business Valuation: How much is my property?. We manage free* and without commitment on your part. A professional Mikeli, will advise professionally with a “real” vision of the market.

Official Rating: In Mikeli work closely with the best professionals, officially recognized, and almost always linked to financial institutions.

* Exclusive free for customers Mikeli and / or we give up their property to manage Service.

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