The best high standing housing selection

Mikeli brand is an exclusivity model and luxury real-estate. For this reason, our company works in a housing catalogue production where their buildings excellence takes part in a hard selection work.

So, Mikeli has the privilege of counting in its housing list of customers with buildings that achieve required requisites for apply them to our “quality and luxury certificate”, an emblem that, not only give us real-state prestige; it is the faith reflection that our customers put in Mikeli.

Quality and luxury certificate” is applied to those buildings that in order to its quality, exclusive location, its inherited value, so its design, are deserving to be classified and, in consequence, to be offered to the real-state inversor in a very special way. Giving value to this category that makes the difference from others.

We look for you best professionals and we negociate best price for you too.

Mikeli customers who come here looking for this kind of building, usually give it in our consultants hands for its promotion and sell. They trust in the effective and careful treatment of their housing. They are sure than the results will be more than positive.

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We look after each process detail with care, even offering alternative services to the simple commercial procedure during the time your property in on Mikely hands.