Comprehensive maintenance of rental property

We search, select and negotiate the best properties for rent. Renting has become one of the most recognized Mikeli services, both for those who want to earn profit from their property as well as those who have decided to temporarily rent a building.

The tranquility of having the best tenant


Specialized in real estate leases

Rent your property, we provide you all the services of our company, to find a tenant that offers us sufficient guarantees (bank guarantee, surety company …). You will obtain not only profit from your property and the maintenance afforded by its use, but also peace of mind in having the best tenant.

Looking for a rental property, our agent, will look into your demand; with this information, he will select properties in our portfolio, review with you the best deals to arrange visits, so you are assured a comfortable and efficient management.

A team, specialized in serving people all over the world, will take care of the business management and the formalization of contracts in the language you desire.

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