Reasons why you have to sell your property with us

  • Because we are flats, houses and detached houses sells and rentals leaders in the north of Spain.
  • We offer our customers a refined treatment, according to our owners exigence level; giving them for example, parallel services with our customers reception department (hotels books, airport reception, outings…)
  • Because we make available all our advertising means..
  • The largest insertion number in mainly media.
  • Our real estate agency magazine with more than 20.000 copies per year.
  • Our new web, with an important internet positioning, so that mainly searches sponsorships (google, yahoo, etc.)
  • Static posters advertising, phone boxes, buses, events, interactive window displays, internet.
  • Because we have a database with more than 3.000 private, small companies, institutions, corporations, investor groups.

Sell your property with us

We look for you best professionals and we negociate best price for you too.

We offer all required services for your housing purchase or sale. From valuation to moving, going over studying and negociating the most suitable mortgage for you.
You will have a personal adviser who will deal with all aspects required for its management so that you do not have to worry about anything , providing maximum safety throughout the process.
We take on every necessary process for deal formalization in a comprehensive way, even when procedure is finished, our post-sell department will give you moving services, cleanliness, alarm even remodeling and decorations.